Welcome to Glimmer Emporium

We bring you glimmers of magic and shimmers of joy.

When you come to Glimmer Emporium, you step into a world where you have access to my retail, esoteric, holistic and reader experience built up over 35 years (excluding childhood, where glimmers were shown to me by my grandfather). I had taught my child of eighteen from age five, so she brings another aspect to the equitation. She joined me in business and creating part-time from age 15 and will join full-time from the end of 2023. Willow is the creative force in our family, and there is immense artistic talent present in her beautiful soul.

My experience started with studying the esoteric from age 18, through whatever books I could lay my hands on. I got my first ‘official’ teacher at age 24 and had many years teaching me about different aspects of spirituality. Through all the teachers and classes, and programs, the common thread of the Earth ran through all those, the Earth Mother concept shone brightly and led me to the path I settled on.

Historically, I started retail by creating little kits for a small esoteric shop that was located in Gauteng. I eventually opened my shop in Sunnyside, Pretoria, in the early nineties. I left the world of retail for two years after my divorce and ran a medicinal herb farm in Gauteng. During this period, working with the soil and meditating brought a lot of healing. I learned more about reading the tarot and did immense amounts of dreamworking. This period was my ‘time on the mountain’, and I will never regret one moment.

When I rejoined civilization, I started The Purple Lizard and did many holistic fayres while running a reading room and shop from home in Pretoria. I became involved in the wholesale of my elixir sprays, charged candles, kits, bath crystals and more to various major esoteric shops in Johannesburg and Pretoria. I also provided products to more minor, solo practitioners nationwide. At one point, I grew too busy with all my ventures and bringing up my children, so I closed the shop and concentrated on online readings, wholesale and raising kids for many years. Around five years ago, I had a quick foray into a bohemian-type business, but it never made my heart sing. After a firm sign from the Universe, I closed that and returned to the spiritual world that makes my heart sing.

I chose the first part of the name Glimmer Emporium because of the phrase ‘glimmers of hope’ and also the tiny glimmers that were shown to me by my grandfather when he taught me to find peace in the silence, happiness in the world outside and how to listen to the trees and the Earth. I want this venture to spread little glimmers of magic nationwide. I chose the word Emporium because it means a marketplace of many things. We will eventually bring everything we love under one banner – everything that brings glimmers of magic and shimmers of joy. My online readings return to my new and old clients in a new manner. We have one app (a pendulum app) out already and will be releasing a free version soon. That was also done under the Glimmer Emporium. So, this will eventually be a true Emporium… a marketplace of joy.

We hope you love the journey of creating this website as much as we do.

Love, Charmaine & Willow