Crystal and Gemstone Meanings listed by Name.

On this page can find all the crystals we stock in one form or another – alphabetically by name and use. You can go to the one you are interested in and find out everything it does. We will constantly update this page for easy reference. You can also check out our other page, which is collated according to need/emotion/use/disease. For this list, go to this page:


Agate is one of the great balancing stones. It brings harmony between your mind, body and spirit. Agate is also well known for its emotional healing capabilities. Agate also helps you centre and ground yourself. The stone is helpful to help you make sense of the chaos surrounding you. It helps you unpuzzle life a little and brings more stability and understanding. Agate is an excellent stone to help you achieve a sense of Oneness with the Universe. I attended a series of Oneness blessings many years ago while wearing Agates. This has led to my most explicit Angelic communications ever, so Agate definitely aids Angelic communication. Agate develops your intellectual abilities and helps your focus and concentration. It brings courage and helps heal inner anger directed at yourself and others. Aura-clearing. HEALING: Eyes, Female Reproductive Organs, Lymphatic system, Stomach and Digestion, Pancreas, Arteries. Skin.


Everybody knows Amethyst… I mean, my Gran knew Amethyst, and so did her Gran. It is just one of those stones that everyone loves. But what does it actually do? I know I kick and scream if anyone tries to get me to wear something ‘everyone’ is wearing, and I know I am not the only one. So, why Amethyst? It helps with headaches! Yes, seriously. It also helps relieve stress and tension (which may be why it relieves achy heads). On a more woo-woo level, it is a fabulous protective stone – especially for children and other vulnerable people. It transmutes psychic attacks into love. We want to keep those loved ones safe, right? Added to all those, the Greeks believed that Amethyst would draw love your way. Now we know why every person loves Amethysts and why those that don’t; should. It is said to prevent drunkenness (I knew someone who threw amethysts into her wine but never tested it myself. It overcomes addictions. Wearing amethysts will help you make decisions more calmly and logically. It helps you feel less scattered and provides focus. It can help you remember dreams and interpret them with more clarity. It brings emotional balance and helps mitigate the effects of rage, fear and anxiety. Amethyst helps one grieve healthily and aids you while coming to terms with a significant loss. HEALING: Headaches, Hormones, Immune System, Endocrine system, Liver and kidneys. Insomnia. Geopathic stress. Pain and stress.


Aquamarine is known as a soul stone in esoteric circles. Aquamarine brings the watery parts of our spirit to life. It enhances our inner strength and, therefore, our resilience and courage in facing challenges. It increases your courage. If life throws you challenges that make you feel like you are drowning, use Aquamarine to find your core of strength again. It represents hope and happiness, so if your life is not entirely on track and you feel less than satisfied, wear Aquamarines. It also reduces stress and the effects of environmental stress on you. It is said to ‘chase away’ darkness in the soul. It will help sensitive people by increasing the tolerance others show them. It protects against judgmental attitudes. It is also a great stone to wear if you need closure in certain aspects of your life. It both helps with achieving closure and with accepting it. Fabulous meditations stone as it opens clairvoyance channels and increases intuition. It also shields the aura. HEALING: It regulates hormones and growth and balances the working of the thyroid and pituitary glands. Strengthens the cleansing systems of the body – liver, kidneys, etc. Helps with calming auto-immune diseases and the body’s immune system.


Aventurine is a stone representing the Divine Feminine, Earth Mother and the warrior spirit found in women. It is said to be one of the best prosperity stones and can be worn to attract such. It helps one act responsibly in leadership positions and increases your ability to feel compassion for others. It increases your opportunities for finding better paths for yourself and improves your ability to notice and act on them. Aventurine can be used in grids to protect a home from geopathic stress. It increases your ability to think creatively and out of the box. Green Aventurine can help you regain control of a situation. Brings feelings of calm and peace to a person’s emotions. HEALING: Thymus Gland, Nervous System, Metabolism stimulation, Blood pressure and cholesterol, anti-inflammatory.

Blue Goldstone:

Blue Goldstone is a man-made gemstone created by alchemists. It is glass and cobalt that were formed in a superheated, low-oxygen environment until cobalt flecks are created in the glass, giving the silver and blue, shimmery effect. The cobalt and sand (glass) give it healing and other vibrations. This is the ideal stone for empaths to wear in public as it soothes hypersensitivity a little. It is a very good protection stone, said to vibrate especially strongly with fire signs. It focuses and amplifies healing abilities to be used in distance healing ceremonies. It creates strong focus, so it can help with studying and concentrating in class. It is also claimed that Blue Goldstone can help your wishes come true. Hold the stones, make your wish and then wear or carry them daily. HEALING: It can help with insomnia as it calms the mind. Calms overstimulation. Stress-relief.

Blue Lace Agate:

It unblocks the throat chakra and helps you speak clearly and meaningfully. Blue Lace Agate encourages you to speak your truth while sending out peaceful vibrations that keep you calm. It brings peace of mind. Blue Lace Agate will help stop you from repressing feelings and emotions and helps dissipate pent-up anger. It links you to the spiritual world and can help you grow much on a spiritual level. The stone alleviates feelings of stress. Please note that you must read Agate meanings with these, as all those also apply to Blue Lace Agate. HEALING: Throat. Shoulder and Neck problems. Stress. Thyroid. Fever. Arthritic pain and deformities, Skeletal System.

Blue Tiger’s Eye:

Blue Tiger’s Eye is a powerful protective stone, said to ward off curses, ill wishes and more. It carries stronger Water than Sun energy and can help connect your life’s spiritual and material elements. Manifestation stone. Reminding you to see to your needs before you see to others. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Tiger’s eye helps you pay attention to detail and be more reasonable than emotional. Cools anger. Good in exams and important meetings. It boosts creativity and helps you recognise and develop your talents. Tiger’s Eye aids in material and physical protection. It is good on the Crown and Base Chakra. It is said to calm excessive sexual energy. The stone can help you release phobias and stress. HEALING: Metabolism, Sexual stress, Stress and Anxiety.

Brown/Golden Tiger’s Eye:

Tiger’s Eye is a good luck and abundance stone, especially in the yellow/brown/gold colours. It is a stone of the Sun and the Earth, thereby connecting celestial and earthly energies. It is grounding while still encouraging the spirit to flow freely. It balances the lower chakras and improves the flow of Kundalini energy. It helps with inner strength and self-confidence while boosting one’s personal power. Works well on the solar plexus chakra. Manifestation. Reminding you to see to your needs before you see to others. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Tiger’s eye helps you pay attention to detail and be more reasonable than emotional. Good in exams and important meetings. It boosts creativity and helps you recognise and develop your talents. Tiger’s Eye aids in material and physical protection. HEALING: Depression, Eyes, Throat, Reproductive organs, Broken Bones.


Carnelian was considered a lucky stone from ancient times when it was considered a stone of royalty. Carnelian brings luck on a material and emotional level, as it is also considered to make you lucky in love. It is a fantastic unblocker of the Base Chakra and is good on all the lower chakras. Ritually, Carnelian turns away jealousy and envy, which in turn protects the wearer from ill-wishing. Carnelian, worn with an item made from Onyx, is said to chase away all forms of evil. It can also help you break bad habits and addictions. The stone enhances and grows your creativity and helps you think out of the box. It will stimulate healthy sexuality in a person. Carnelian will help you speak out when you usually are too shy to do so and help you express yourself firmly and confidently. At work, Carnelian can help you stand out and operate better. It is especially helpful for all kinds of craftsmen, builders, artists and anyone who needs to think creatively to do their work. It attracts love and joy. HEALING: Sexual health, Reproductive Organs, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Circulation, Breaking Addiction, Lower Back Problems, Skin Irritations and Rashes.


I adore Chrysocolla simply because it helps me feel more contained and less scattered. It brings more wisdom and can help you guide other people better. This makes it a fantastic stone for teachers to wear. It aids in calm and clear thinking and can also make your environment more peaceful and easier to handle. The sense of feeling overwhelmed is a thing of the past when you wear Chrysocolla. It cleanses all the chakras and tones down the overstimulated ones. Chrysocolla can help you overcome grief without damaging your ability to love again. It can help you overcome feelings of guilt and can help you live in and recognise the truth. It is also a good stone for merchants as it is said to stimulate commercial success and wealth. It can help you find love again after heartbreak. Throat and Heart Chakra. HEALING: Stress, Mental tension, Arthritis, bone and muscle Diseases, Thyroid, Metabolism, PMS, High blood pressure, Throat and Tonsils.


Citrine keeps you positive and cheerful. It’s not really surprising due to the playful light effects. Its primary purpose, though, is the one most people need a little help with – the manifestation of money and abundance. I think I just heard a huge ‘Yes’ from you there. Wearing citrine will help you find opportunities. It does not store or absorb energy, so it is one of the very few stones that do not need regular energy cleansing. You can even leave it permanently on the bedside table when you are not wearing it to keep the vibration close. Citrine will help you find that core of inner power residing in your solar plexus – and kickstart it to work for you. Citrine might be one of the most positive stones to have around you. It clears negative energy, including fear and self-doubt. It helps sensitive people cope better with criticism. HEALING: Depression, Paranoia, Digestion, Skin, Endocrine systems, Menstrual problems, Menopause, Cellulite.

Clear Quartz:

Clear Quartz is a brilliant protection stone in everyday life. My favourite use for clear quartz is how it helps boost your manifestation simply by clarifying your intent. Be very careful with your thoughts, though – you do not truly want to turn anyone into a toad 😉 It helps with focus and clear, logical thinking. It helps stabilise your emotions (think mood swings erased) and can amplify intuitive abilities. (See why they use crystal balls?) Clear Quartz AMPLIFIES the energy emitted by other crystals, so great to wear no matter what other crystals you choose for the day. It also repels negativity and attracts the positive. Kick-ass abilities, right? HEALING: Master Healer, Body Balancer, Immune System.


Fluorite is an excellent studying, memory and exam aid. In the same vein, it can help you do your job, during meetings and even help you remember your speech during public speaking. It helps focus and concentration. It improves your self-confidence, which in turn aids decision-making. The stone protects against psychic attacks and psychic manipulation. It helps you spot it when it is happening. Fluorite is essential for establishing harmony and balance in your life. It cleanses the aura and helps open your mind where you have been narrow-minded over something. The stone also aids in mental stability. HEALING: Balance, Coordination, Teeth, Cells, Skeletal structure, DNA damage, Pain, Rheumatism, Nerves and nerve-endings.


Garnets represent the life force, your inner fire (soul) and blood. No wonder it often pops up in Vampyre fiction… On a more serious note, wear Garnets when you are feeling depleted and drained. It will help feed your energy levels to a place where you can cope again. It is a beneficial stone when spending time in crowds or with very draining family members. It also symbolises love and friendship so that it will improve people’s impression of you. Red Garnet represents passion, so it is a fabulous stone to wear when you are looking for romantic, passionate love. Finally, it will help reignite that base chakra if you have been ‘flagging’ in that department. Opens the Heart chakra. HEALING: Regeneration, Blood revitalisation. Heart, Lungs, Assimilation of vitamins and minerals, metabolism, spinal and cellular disorders.


Goldstone is a man-made gemstone created by alchemists. It is glass and copper that was formed in a superheated, low-oxygen environment until copper flecks are created in the glass, giving the shimmery effect. Despite being manmade, the sand and copper bring healing and improving vibrations to the wearer. It is a fantastic manifestation aid as it can help you formulate and attain your goals. The stone is said to attract riches and good luck. It increases business acuity and improves your driving force. It helps motivate you to reach for more and to give more effort. Goldstone can help shield and protect you against negative energies. It is a general protection stone. HEALING: Grounding, stress-reduction, alleviates tension and anxiety.

Green Calcite:

All calcites are powerful energy amplifiers and cleansers. It removes stagnant energy, improves emotional intelligence and gives the user a better ability to focus. This stone, in all colours, amplifies psychic and intuitive abilities. It cleanses, balances and energizes chakras. Replacing stressful feelings with calmer and more peaceful vibrations. Green Calcite is a fantastic mental healer and very helpful in dissolving rigid beliefs, old programming and mental blocks. It is a great aid to good communication and helps in public speaking and addressing meetings. Green calcite is good with calming inflamed tempers and temperamental outbursts. HEALING: Arthritis, Bacterial infections, Burns, Fevers, Inflammation, Master Healer as it can absorb disease-energy.


We all know hematite is fabulous for lowering that pesky high blood pressure and helps with bloodborne diseases, but did you know it can also sharpen your focus and memory during ritual work? Hematite is a powerful protector against energy thieves (we all know some of THOSE people) and also one of the ancient guards against hexes and curses. Similarly, hematite will protect against all types of negative energy. It helps your focus and concentration during studies or while working. The stone is grounding and helps with improving confidence. Hematite encourages you to stand up for yourself and establish healthy personal boundaries. It helps you recognise and define your own space. HEALING: Nervous system, High blood pressure, Bloodborne diseases, Anti-inflammatory, Rheumatism, De-toxing.


Malachite is said to enhance beauty. It brings a powerful feeling of joy to a person, so when you need a lift in your spirits, Malachite can be your best friend. It is said you should wear Malachite to attract wealth. It is apparently extra potent for salesmen and women to wear as it swings deals your way. It helps you during periods of change and transformation and can help you cope with the new things crossing your path. In ritual, it can be used to transform an issue or problem. It is, in essence, a stone of transformation. It balances the Heart and Throat chakra to help you talk about feelings. If changes are happening in your life, Malachite can help you cope and adapt to the changes. The stone can open your heart to stop fearing the possibility of love. HEALING: Menstrual Cycle, Cramping, Depression, Anxiety, Easing labour pains, Immune system, Vertigo, Travel sickness, High Blood pressure.


Moonstone will improve your intuitive skills exponentially. It is a feminine empowerment stone, so in cases where a female-gendered person needs to find their inner strength and courage, Moonstone is invaluable. The stone also connects strongly with Goddess energy. Moonstone can help you see a situation clearly as you can detect all the undercurrents and backstories. It is helpful to help you discern the truth of a matter. The stone is fantastic to wear during all forms of divination, ritual work and meditation. You will feel a strong sense of Universal connection. It can help you cope with change and adapt to your new circumstances easily. The stone aids in lucid dreaming, astral travel, and dream recall. Emotional healing. Heart and Crown Chakras. HEALING: Menstrual cycles, Hormonal Imbalances, Reproductive Cycle, Childbirth, Pregnancy, PMS, Hyperactivity in Children, Digestion.

Moss Agate:

Moss Agate has a strong Earth and nature connection, reminding you of your roots. It also reminds us to be grateful for everything this Earth offers us. The stone helps us communicate better and aids in self-expression – especially emotionally. It helps protect against pollutants and environmental stress. Moss agate is claimed to help midwives in their duties, as it helps relieve pain and ensures a smoother birth. It is an emotional balancer and helps release fear. Moss agate is also one of the Abundance stones and is said to attract wealth. Self-confidence is built up by wearing the stone often. HEALING: Childbirth, Depression, Stress, Skin conditions, Speeds healing, Anti-inflammatory, Circulatory system, Immune System, Helps prevent dehydration and hypoglycemia. (Please read Agate Meanings with this set as it applies to Moss Agate.)

Mother of Pearl/Shell:

Mother of Pearl carries with it an incredibly strong feminine energy and can be used to connect with the Divine Feminine during ritual work. Any Mother of Pearl or shell, can also bring a solid connection to the Mother Ocean. Shell is a protector of the innocent and fragile, which also applies here. It represents a clean new beginning where you have an open path to make changes for the better. Wear this to guide your steps gently. It also carries Moon energy, so can be worn for a lunar/Moon Goddess connection. Mother of Pearl can help you adapt to new information and a new way of life. It can help you express emotions better and become more emotionally intuitive. In Africa we believe shell carries an energy of luck and would often wear it for this purpose. HEALING: Stress relief, Calming emotions, Conception/Fertility, Giving birth.

New Jade:

New Jade is a very pale green type of Serpentine, nearly like sun-dappled leaves. New Jade caries a peaceful and nurturing vibration, helping you feel calm and less subject to stress. It can help you remember dreams, so feel free to tuck the stones under your pillow at night. It also encourages vivid dreams. New Jade is said to attract luck. It helps you balance your emotions, so on the days the hormones scramble everything, New Jade is essential. It is a stone of wisdom, so while engaging in any form of divination it can help you with better insights and interpretations. The stone protects healers while working on patients. New Jade is a mood stabiliser that can help you feel more at peace. Meditation. HEALING: Kundalini Energy, Detoxifying, Depression.


My midnight black cat, with a personality the size of a small country, is named Onyx. It grants you strength and willpower – so you can also strut through life KNOWING you got this handled. It also brings stillness and helps you think calmly of solutions to problems. It helps you leave that hectic and haywire decision-making in the past and start to think things through before taking action. This stone can become your new best friend if you suffer from anxiety and stress. Onyx is said to be a protector against evil and also a protector of your precious relationships. It banishes grief and gives you more stamina and the ability to handle upsetting events better. Finally, Onyx can also protect against those pesky energy vampires. HEALING: Emotional, Mental and Physical Stress, Teeth, Bones, Bone Marrow, Feet.

Picture Jasper:

Picture Jasper is sometimes called ‘Painted’ or ‘Multi-coloured’ Jasper. It can be golden brown to reddish brown in shade, often with inclusions. Picture Jasper carries a powerful connection with the Earth Mother and allows better connection and understanding with her. The stone can lift memories and past history to the surface, enabling people to work through them, see the lessons and achieve healing on multiple levels. It can also help in hypnosis and past life regression. It brings harmony and peace. It will help alleviate fear. It is an excellent stone to wear to bring comfort while grieving. Root Chakra. The stone also gives energy when you are feeling tired and listless. It helps with endurance. HEALING: Immune System, Kidneys, Recuperation.


Prehnite is a fabulous stone for energy and distance healers as it heals the healer. It improves intuition and pre-cognition. It brings you in harmony with nature, elemental energies and the natural elements surrounding you. Prehnite improves both inner strength and patience. It helps you to cope better with periods where inaction is advised. It aids in self-love and self-confidence. Prehnite is said to strengthen dreams, help you avoid nightmares and aid in remembering dreams. Meditation stone. It is an excellent decluttering stone in Feng Shui. Past-life memories can become more accessible when using or wearing Prehnite. HEALING: Kidneys and bladder, Thymus Gland, Lungs, Gout.

Purple Calcite:

All calcites are powerful energy amplifiers and cleansers. It removes stagnant energy, improves emotional intelligence and gives the user a better ability to focus. This stone, in all colours, amplifies psychic and intuitive abilities. It cleanses, balances and energizes chakras. Replacing stressful feelings with calmer and more peaceful vibrations. Purple Calcite is fabulous on the throat chakra and helps open the Crown chakra. It can clear up misunderstandings in communication where tempers took over. It can filter negative energy out of the body. The stone is protective and also helps one heal after emotional trauma. It helps you think clearly in stressful situations. HEALING: Recuperation from illness, Lowers blood pressure, Pain, Anxiety.

Red Jasper:

Red Jasper is a fabulous stone to help boost your strength and endurance. It brings support on emotional and physical levels. When you are stressed, play with your red jasper like a string of worry beads. All Jaspers have an intense nurturing capacity, helping the wearer feel safe and loved. This helps reduce stress and brings about a feeling of peace. Red Jasper reminds people to take better care of each other and be more helpful to each other. It helps resolve unjust treatment and situations, helping the wearer extricate themselves from them. Another significant use of red jasper is that it is an early-warning system of problems developing in your life. It helps you notice them and aids in solving them before they take on gargantuan proportions. Dream recall. Red Jasper is an excellent stone to use on the base chakra and also helps align all the chakras. HEALING: Master Healer that brings the complete body into a healthier balance. Circulatory system. Liver. Digestive system. Sexual organs.

Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz is perhaps the best stone to help improve self-love and guides you to be gentle with yourself. It is a stone of unconditional love and can help heal your relationships with others. It can help you become less judgmental and more accepting of your own perceived flaws and those of others you care for. It attracts love and loving vibrations. It is amazing for inner healing. Rose Quartz is said to attract romantic love and friendship – be clear on your needs. Opens the heart chakra. It draws out negative vibrations and replaces them with peace. Rose Quartz is fantastic in relieving you of repressed emotions and sadness. It helps you let go of the things that no longer serve you. It builds self-worth and improves self-forgiveness. HEALING: Heart and circulatory systems, Kidneys, Vertigo, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons’ and Dementia aid.


Selenite is one of the most important crystals for any person to have. It carries such an intense light vibration that you cannot help but feel uplifted when you look at it. It reminds us of purity and joy in a world that does not always make sense any longer. Think of Selenite as a massive broom moving before you to sweep lousy energy out of the way. It is one of the best energy cleansers out there. Use it to your benefit every day. Selenite is also a favourite stone for wands and other tools as it does not store the negative energy it comes into contact with. It is excellent for past life regression and also helps you see how far you have come on your current life path. It helps you see what you accomplished instead of what you failed at. Selenite helps you assimilate lessons. It can be used to create a quiet and safe space for living or even ritual work. Protection stone. Excellent for meditation work, especially if you struggle to achieve the meditative state. It helps clear mental clutter and confusion. HEALING: Spinal and bone structure problems. Epilepsy. Motherhood and babies. Mental balance.

Smoky Quartz:

Smoky Quartz is a true workhorse crystal. It is something everyone should have available to them. It is one of the best grounding stones around. Smoky quartz also clears many types of negative vibrations and energies, including geopathic and pollutant stress. It helps with detoxification of the body and aura. The stone brings self-knowledge and grants a deeper insight into your own mind. It enhances spiritual growth and keeps one’s mindset more positive. It helps you keep focus on your work. Base Chakra, but can clear all. Relaxation and stress reduction. HEALING: Abdomen, Hips and Legs, Pain, Headaches, Reproductive System, Back, Heart, Nervous System, Joints.

Snowflake Obsidian:

Snowflake Obsidian can help you recognise harmful patterns of behaviour so that you can work on them. It soothes the mind and soul and brings a feeling of peace. The stone brings balance between the physical, emotional and ethereal bodies. It will help you find power in the silence and teach you to work with aloneness without letting it trigger feelings of loneliness. Snowflake Obsidian helps you recognise and accept the dark side of yourself. Every person has a dark side, and it is good to understand yours. Aids in meditation. It is a purification stone on many levels and can also aid in accessing past lives. HEALING: Circulation, Bone Structure, Skin, Eyes.


Tourmaline creates an energy shield around a person or a room (in Feng Shui) and protects against negative energy of all kinds, including psychic attack and geomagnetic energy. It is a grounding stone that aligns and balances all the chakras. Tourmaline also speeds up manifestation, so if you feel a little impatient with manifesting something, wear Tourmaline. It is said to help you attract prosperity with more ease. Tourmaline connects with the healing energy from Earth, so if you are unwell, this can serve as a Master Healer. It energizes you when you are feeling run down and strengthens your stamina. The stone balances Yin/Yang energy and aids energy flow through your body. It helps you overcome fear. HEALING: Heart, Skeletal system, Teeth, Weight loss, Stress, Paranoia, Dyslexia, Coordination, Brain.


We all know how turquoise helps with self-expression, but did you know it is also an auspicious stone to wear? It used to be the birthstone of Sagittarius, but that fell by the wayside over the years as turquoise became increasingly unobtainable. Have you got any bad habits you need to ditch? Hold your turquoise in your hand and ask it to help you with that. Every time you crave the habit, hold onto that stone instead. You should be able to overcome it easier. Turquoise is also a perfect ‘wear to work’ stone. It will help you do better in your job. It is a great general healer as it improves physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Turquoise has always been considered a protective stone. It clears electromagnetic smog and repels all sorts of general negative energy. It balances your masculine and feminine energy, calms mood swings and helps you problem-solve. The stone is also a chakra balancer. Finally, Turquoise is said to attract romance your way. HEALING: Master Healer, Regeneration, Emotional Balancing, Eyes, Gout, Rheumatism, Anti-inflammatory, Pain.


Unakite brings balance between the emotions and the spiritual world. It enhances visions, psychic skills and intuitive abilities. The stone brings grounding while helping to release the things holding us back or blocking our growth. Place on televisions or computers to negate electromagnetic pollution. Past life recall and healing. Helps one remember traumatic events from childhood that is holding you back. It then aids in dissolving the blockages this is causing. Unakite can help someone recognise and dissolve trauma bonds. HEALING: Recovery from illness, Weight gain when required, Pregnancy, Hair, Skin.

Watermelon Tourmaline:

Read with Tourmaline meanings as it applies here. Watermelon Tourmaline is a combination of pink and green tourmaline. It aids in a combination of spiritual and emotional healing, so multi-level healing happens that will bring a more lasting effect. The stone has a strong nature connection and helps us connect to Earth and the Devic Kingdom. Watermelon Tourmaline deepens your understanding of yourself and your own body. It helps your self-confidence increase, and this gives you a special glow. It removes insecurities about yourself and your abilities, thereby helping you grow into your talents and creative abilities. Watermelon Tourmaline is one of the best activators of the Heart Chakra. This stone can also open your heart to giving, attracting and receiving love. It helps you find joy. HEALING: Depression, Paranoia, Regeneration of nerves, Multiple Sclerosis, Paralysis, Stress.

White Howlite:

White Howlite is fabulous for helping someone be more patient. It is a very calming stone and carries an unhurried energy. The stone teaches compassion and sensitivity to the feelings and needs of others. Howlite can be coloured into different shades but still carries the unique Howlite vibration. It will not take on the vibration of another stone because it has been dyed. It protects you against anger directed your way and can help keep you safer from the outbursts of others. It grows your intuitive awareness and grants the wisdom to understand things better. The stone calms an overactive mind and can help you fall asleep. Water-element. It is one of the best stones to use as a worry stone. HEALING: Stress Reduction, Calms the Heartbeat, Skeleton, Bones, Teeth, ADD and ADHD.

Yellow Calcite:

All calcites are powerful energy amplifiers and cleansers. It removes stagnant energy, improves emotional intelligence and gives the user a better ability to focus. This stone, in all colours, amplifies psychic and intuitive abilities. It cleanses, balances and energizes chakras. Replacing stressful feelings with calmer and more peaceful vibrations. Meditation. Mental alertness. Yellow Calcite clears old patterns from your life so that the same mistakes are not repeated. Crown Chakra. Yellow Calcite strengthens a person’s willpower and sense of self-worth. Yellow Calcite can also open and balance the Solar Plexus Chakra. HEALING: Calcium uptake. Dissolves calcifications. Skeletal structure. Skin. Organs of elimination.